Tusheti is a mountainous region in the northeastern part of Georgia.


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5 must-see lesser-known places in Kakheti

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Kakheti is located in the eastern part of Georgia. The region has historically been the center of grape cultivation and wine manufacturing. Its unique geographic location, the mountains of the Greater Caucasus, and the fertile soils of Kakheti create perfect conditions for winemaking. There are 5 must-see lesser-known places in Kakheti.

1. Kvareli – is located in the Alazani valley. It is known for its Kindzmarauli wine, a semi-sweet red variety. One of the main tourist destinations in Kvareli is Kvareli Lake. Two rivers the Bursa and the Chagurgula flow into the lake. It is surrounded by forests. The place has been updated with well-developed infrastructure, hotels, and pools. The Kvareli Lake resort is a perfect place to stay, to breath fresh air and chill out.

2. Black Rock Lake is located on the territory of Lagodekhi Protected Areas. The path to the lake has recently been opened. On your way to Black Rock Lake, you will find a broadleaved forest and the stunning sceneries of the Caucasian mountains that will make your summer stay cooler and healthier. Lagodekhi is a treasure for nature lovers: preserved forests, glacial lakes, waterfalls, deep valleys and access to a wide variety of Kakheti’s wildlife. Nearly every corner of the park reveals new stunning imagery.

3. It is impossible to leave Kakheti without seeing a winery that can be found at every corner of the region. Gvirabi Winery is one of the most unusual wine cellar in Kahketi. The wine bottles are placed on the shelves curved in massive rocks. The winery houses the best wines of Kakheti. It was opened in 1962 for World Congress of Vine and Wine and now is run by a private company. 

4. Kvetera is a historic fortified town in Kakheti. The Church in Kvetera is erected on the top of a hill within the structure of the 10th century Kvetera Fortress. The mountain on which it is situated is very wooded. When walking to the castle one first encounter the remains of a city gate. Archaeological excavations have uncovered numerous traces of urban life from the 13th century. In 2007 Kvetera was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

5. Gurgenia Waterfall is located in Kakheti, 5 km away from the Gurgeni village. On your way to the waterfall, you will have to cross the river. The area abounds with various plants such as Lagodekhi bile, Lagodekhi snowdrop, Iulia Primrose, bladder-nut, Phloem, chestnut, Georgian oak tree. The visitors are able to reach the top of the waterfall and look over the area. 

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