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Top 10 Unique Modern Buildings in Georgia

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Georgia is a country of contrasts. The oldest architecture of the country is carefully preserved from generation to generation, while modern architecture is prospering.  Unique modern buildings, which amaze with futuristic architecture are built near the medieval sights. Top 10 modern buildings of Georgia represent a flight of imagination of architects.

1. House of Justice, Tbilisi

Recently, the new building of the House of Justice in Tbilisi was opened. The building is considered the largest of all Justice Houses in the world. The building is designed by the Italian architect.

2. Music Hall, Tbilisi

The building of the modern concert hall was designed by the famous architect Massimiliano Fuksas. The building consists of two cylindrical buildings, in which there is an exhibition hall and a musical theater. The Concert Hall, as well as the Bridge of Peace, are the most striking examples of modern architecture in the historic center of the city.

3. Ministry of Internal Affairs, Tbilisi

It is difficult to imagine that in this ultra-modern building is the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The building looks like a huge glass wave with windows from ceiling to floor. Within the framework of the “transparent power” project, glass police stations were built throughout the country.

4. The building of the Prosecutor’s Office, Tbilisi

Another unique state building in Tbilisi, which strikes with a peculiar architecture is the building of the prosecutor’s office. This is a huge black frame, inside of which there are glass cabinets. Outside, it seems that the cabinets are hung in the air. The combination of a black frame and glass has its own symbolism. The black frame is a symbol of the firmness of the legal system, and glass is its transparency.

5. «Alphabet» Tower, Batumi

In the center of Batumi, there is located one of the most popular buildings of the resort, the tower of “Alphabet”. It is a transparent tower, inside of which, in the form of a DNA structure, the letters of the Georgian alphabet are carved. The height of the tower is 130 m. In the tower, there are cafes, an observatory and television studios. On the top floor, there is a revolving restaurant, which makes a full turn for 1 hour.

6. House of Justice, Batumi

The building was designed by the Italian architect and built in 2010. The building looks like an inverted bottle. At night the building is illuminated with colored lights.

7. Border Crossing, Sarpi

The Sarpi border crossing project belongs to the German Bureau, which gave a non-standard solution for this type of building. The checkpoint is located in the small resort town of Sarpi, on the Black Sea shore and is considered a local landmark.

8. House of Parliament, Kutaisi

The House of Parliament is located under a 40-meter dome. The building is mostly made up of glass and this is a symbol of the transparency of power vis-à-vis citizens.

9. AirportMestia

The airport in the village of Mestia is small but notable. The modern building was designed by a German company, in which modern European architecture is perfectly developed. The building looks stylish and elegant on the background of snow-capped mountains.

10. House of Justice, Mestia

Another modern building in the mountainous village of Mestia is the House of Justice. The building looks like chain links. The building has a facade and huge windows.

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