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Unique "Denta Tour"

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Medical tourism, including dental tourism, has become very popular all around the world. Dental tourism is chosen for highly qualified treatment at the affordable price along with the latest dentistry achievements used as well as for the new impressions you get when travelling and discovering another country. Georgia is distinctive in this way – beautiful places, hospitality, delicious Georgian cuisine and, the most important, medical centers complying with the European standards.

We are glad to offer a “Denta Tour” programme for our tourists. They will receive a highly qualified dental care at an affordable price within this programme and will get the following medical treatment: 

  • Full rehabilitation of mouth cavity and recovering of its functions and aesthetics;
  • Placement of bioactive implants;
  • Smile harmonization by means of ceramic veneers;
  • Fixed prosthetics by means of advanced materials – zirconium ceramics, glass ceramics, metal ceramics;
  • Effective periodontics by means of modern technologies -Vector, Laser, Ozon;
  • Functional and aesthetical tooth restoration;
  • Restoration of severely broken teeth by means of exclusive proprietary methods;
  • Recovery of the lost vertical dimension of occlusion due to teeth abrasion by means of minimally invasive (reduced impact) rehabilitation technologies – Inlay, Onlay, Overlay;
  • Occlusal rehabilitation by means of braces.

All methods and technologies used in clinic comply with European quality standards. Treatment is provided by leading doctors – dentists with years of working experience and qualification received in the well-known European dental clinics. 

We also offer individual tours in Tbilisi and accommodation in company’s apartments or in hotels.


Installation of a implant (Israel) - 250$

Installation of a premium implant (Switzerland) - 400$

Aesthetic dentistry:

Manufacture of virgin from zirconoceramics - 170$

Art restoration of the tooth by reconstructing optical properties using the latest generation Hi-Tech nanocomposite materials - 120$


Making a metal-ceramic crown (one unit) - 65$

Manufacture of zirconoceramic crown - 140$

Production of a metal-ceramic crown on an implant (Israel) (one unit) - 100$

Manufacture of a metal-ceramic crown on an implant (Switzerland) (one unit) - 120$

Making a crown based on zirconium oxide on an implant (one unit) - 250$

Treatment of gums:

Complex treatment of gums system "Vector" (Germany) - 130$

Treatment of gums with the use of ozone with the Ozone DTA device - 90$

Laser treatment of gums with photodynamic therapy FDT - 160$

Helio Seals:

Caries treatment followed by filling with helio-composite material - 20$

Caries treatment followed by filling with the latest generation Hi-Tech nanocomposite materials. Coltene (Switzerland) - 40$

Therapeutic preparation of single-root tooth for orthopedics Hi-Tech - 50$

Therapeutic preparation of multi-root tooth for orthopedics Hi-Tech - 70$

Restoration of teeth:

Functional restoration of the tooth - 70$

Art restoration of a tooth - 100$

Restoring the anatomical shape of the tooth - 70$

Restoration of chewing surface of teeth by laboratory method - 45$


Conventional extraction with anesthesia - 15$

Extraction of the 8th tooth - 25$

Complex extraction of a tooth with the use of bunika - 40$

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